Design Guide

Color Blocks

Color palettes that include the HEX and RGB(a) numbers for easy access.






Listing (and linking) of all fonts used on the site and in what purpose. Include sample text blocks and titles.


Listing of the headers, when they are used, and which fonts are used for what purpose.

This is a Header One

Header One is ONLY to be used in X situation. The font size is 36px or 2.5em. The color is #cccccc

This is Header Two

Image Styles

How does a featured image appear? How does an inline blog image appear? What are the requirements of any image used (alt tags, title tags, attributes, etc)?

Borders & Separators

These are pre-styled methods of spacing and border lines that are used for specific purposes.

Custom Blocks

List of boiler plates. This is a great place for someone to “update” or “have a authorized rewrite” occur.


Ready and linkable versions (color / BW) of logos that can be grabbed by anyone.

Social Network Links

You will be amazed at how many “CEOs” and other executives at businesses are constantly asking “What’s my Twitter name?, etc”

Twitter –

Office Phone: 555-123-4567

Official Hashtag: #wpstudio

Contact Information

This is important so you can get “help request” directly from the right person.

Writing Style Guide

  • Headlines/Post Title requirements
  • Featured Image requirements
  • Minimum length
  • Linking requirements
  • Image size and attribute requirements
  • First/Third Person writing styles

Process of Posting

  1. Write Content
  2. Write Title
  3. Include image
  4. Attach Featured Image
  5. Set permalink
  6. Blah Blah Blah